Who manufacturers Brawny® Paper Towels? Brawny® paper towels are manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. Where are Brawny® Paper Towels manufactured? Brawny® paper towels support American jobs and are manufactured in the United States, with mills in Florida, Louisiana, and Oregon. Are Brawny® Paper Towels certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®? Yes, our wood and fiber sourcing (procurement) practices are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing Standard. As a company that does not own forestland, SFI Fiber Sourcing certification is a vital platform for improving sustainable forestry practices on all lands and assures that our wood sourcing practices are legal and sustainable. How many paper towel rolls come in a pack? The Brawny® brand has many different pack configurations, ranging from one roll per pack up to eight rolls per pack. We also have larger eCommerce bundled “packs” that are shipped in cases that contain up to 16 rolls. What are the different sheet sizes of Brawny® paper towels? The Brawny® brand has packs of paper towels with full sheet, Pick-A-Size®, and Tear-A-Square® . Tear-A-Square® is the newest sheet size and incorporates a horizontal perforation that allows more flexibility to select the right sheet size for the task at hand. Why can’t I find the Pick-A-Size® sheet size anymore? Many of our traditional Pick-A-Size® packs have transitioned to Tear-A-Square® packs, giving you more choices for more tasks, allowing you to select either a full sheet, half sheet, or quarter sheet. However, you can still find Pick-A-Size® packs at most retailers that sell Brawny®. What are the uses for a quarter sheet of Tear-A-Square® paper towels? Quarter sheets are great for small spills, coasters, napkins, and more! Learn more about Tear-A-Square® Paper Towels. What is the Brawny® Mega roll? Mega roll is our biggest roll ever. It is 4 regular rolls in 1 Mega Roll. This allows you to change your paper towel roll less often, since it has 4x as many sheets. Will the Mega roll fit on my paper towel holder? It depends on the type of paper towel holder you have. We have found that it fits on many standard paper towel holders. The roll diameter is 7.6 inches. Why can I no longer find Brawny® paper towels at my normal retailer? The Brawny® brand did experience some recent distribution changes. However, Brawny® Paper Towels are still available at many retailers, including many online retailers. We recommend using the Store Locator to find where Brawny® paper towels are sold near you. Is Brawny® Paper Towel packaging recyclable? Yes! Information on how to recycle Brawny® plastic packaging and the inner paper tubes are provided on the back of every pack. For more information on what is accepted in your area and store drop-off, please visit https://how2recycle.info/ . What if I have a quality concern with my Brawny® paper towels? The best way to get in touch with the Brawny® brand regarding product quality concerns is to call our Consumer Affairs Team at 800-283-5547 or fill out the contact form at https://www.brawny.com/contact-us . On the contact form, just select I have a problem or concern about a product from the dropdown and fill out the requested information.