Tomorrow in Mind® - Environmentally Friendly Products

For over 100 years, Quilted Northern has been a trusted brand to turn to for quality toilet paper. On top of providing you with top notch toilet paper products, we're also strong on sustainable practices in an age of growing environmental concern.

We deliver responsibly produced and environmentally friendly products while continuing to innovate industry practices and protect the communities where our products come from. At Quilted Northern, we take to heart the importance of thinking about tomorrow while we produce the best toilet paper today.

Designed with tomorrow in mind, we make our paper products using renewable materials and according to the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to provide you with a 100% biodegradable toilet paper that doesn't skimp on quality or softness.

Explore the infographic below to learn about the three pillars that, for over a century, have guided all of the work that we do here at Quilted Northern. Meanwhile, we'll be producing the environmentally friendly products that you—and the next generations—truly deserve.